The New Spark in Marriage

There was a time when I was having a little problem in the bedroom. Anytime I would try to get intimate with my wife, I just couldn’t get into the mood, so to speak. I tried different exercises, changed my diet, and even went to the store to buy some special items that would make things better. I felt silly walking into that store and even sillier buying items from that store. I couldn’t even look the cashier in the eye. None of this stuff worked, and the only thing that did was a special jelly from that I purchased.

After trying the jelly, my wife and I had the time of our lives. It was like I had found the fountain of youth and de-aged by 20 years. I threw out all of the items that I bought from that one store and went back to my regular diet. My wife wondered if maybe our good night was just a fluke, so I decided to test the jelly again, and the results were even better than before. My wife and I began having more intimate moments, both in the bedroom and outside. We even had one in the parking garage of a mall.

Since I didn’t want the good times with my wife to end, I ordered more of the jelly. I have enough of it to last me an entire year. Hopefully that should be enough, but there’s always the possibility that my wife and I will have more moments than I anticipate. I wonder if any of the other men who are in my neighborhood have any idea about the jelly. They could probably benefit from having it in their own houses. I should probably tell them about it so they can start having better bedroom moments.

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