My Hair Looks Good Again

My husband started losing his hair about three years ago. I asked him if he wanted me to find him some information to see if there was anything we could do to stop it from happening so quickly. He told me no, that he did not care if he was bald or not. And, the funny part is, he is bald now, and he looks even better for it! Now me, on the other hand, I never thought that would be a problem, but I found myself buying a bottle of DHT Blocker hair loss pills not that long ago.

I noticed that my hairbrush was collecting more hair than usual about six months ago. When I started keeping track, I was alarmed at how much hair I was losing at such a rapid pace. I wish I could have had the attitude that my husband had and just not cared about it, but we don’t live in that kind of society. I did not want to lose my hair, because I knew that guys rock the bald look while women do not. That is when I turned my attention to the online world.

I went to a forum first that dealt with hair loss issues, and I was able to find a lot of information from several women who had experienced the same issues I was having with hair loss. Most of them tried the DHT Blocker, and they were quite surprised as well as pleased with the results. It did not happen overnight, but hair loss doesn’t happen overnight either. I knew I had to be patient, and my patience did win out. I have been taking the DHT Blockers for nearly five months now, and my hair looks just as good as it did before the hair loss started happening!

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